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Staying on a farm is a UNIQUE holiday experience and one you'll never forget. Everyone loves a visit to the country where there's always so much to see and do, and an enviable pace of life. When you choose a farmstay you add ANOTHER DIMENSION to your country holiday, extending the pleasures, and enriching your memories. Farmstay holidays are an EYEOPENER on an Australian lifestyle which most only ever dream or read about.

It's the people you meet which make staying on a farm a treasured time away. You'll make friends in the bush for life.

The WELCOME you receive is so SPECIAL warm, genuine, and full of old-fashioned Country Charm and hospitality. Being part of the family, sharing meals, joining in on farm activities, telling a story or two by the fire, are very much a part of staying on a farm. So is peace, tranquility, relaxation, doing your own thing, and time for reflection in the great open spaces under our enormous skies.

Staying on a farm is always full of SURPRISES. You'll see and do things which you've never experienced before. You might even hear the sounds of silence on starry nights.

Transport yourself back to childhood or the good old days, enjoying simple outdoor fun, breathing in fresh air, and giving yourself a new lease on life.

And when it comes to youngsters, do your children a FAVOUR - give them a holiday they'll tell their grandchildren about.

Farmstays are far from remote. Scenically, they're in the thick of it, in the middle of everywhere, and getting there is part of the fun.

Heartland farmstays have a WEALTH of tourist attractions within easy reach, and sometimes, right next door. And once you're there, they're a hive of activity, or as low-key as you wish Farmstays are IDEAL for a crowd or for solitude.

So bring your family, friends or special interest group, or steal away for a romantic ESCAPE, or on your own for a well-earned break.


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